After years of refining photo editing dexterity,

two artisans, in the pursuit to perfect their craft, launched war upon each other. Driven only by will to find the path of true photoshop mastery, these epic duels of legendary brilliance, became known simply as, The Photoshop Wars.

John, who inspired the reality tv show Alaskan Bush People, enjoys drinking ridiculously strong coffee (commonly referenced as Melted Tire Blend), going to bee keeping conventions and giving 4 different nicknames to each of his 6 children, wife, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs. During thunderstorms, you'll find John enjoying them on a metal folding chair on his roof.

Matt, enjoys English tea with too much milk and sugar in it, attending Comic Cons and is continually delusional in thinking he understands astrophysics. Matt holds down the fort with his wife, 2 adopted girls from Ukraine and an annoying beagle. During a Tribe baseball game, you'll find Matt on home-run porch with a beer and 12 hot dogs.  In his spare time, Matt visits the RV Hall of Fame.