Not skillful enough to be a hockey player nor methodically sufficient to be an astrophysicist,

M.B. Yokom found a satisfying and purposeful career in the creative field in marketing and visual design. As a graduate from Columbus College of Art and Design, his interests lie in writing, illustration, character design and story boarding.

M.B. Yokom grew up in a small, quiet town in northwest Michigan and now lives and works in the suburbs outside of Cleveland, Ohio. By day, he works for a non-profit international radio ministry, and by night, a husband and fort-building, Lego-playing Dad to two little girls.

He is eternally tired of the cold and snow and dreams about drawing in his sketchbook in the Florida sand next to a palm tree. In his spare time, you’ll find him drinking English Breakfast tea, listening to Tribe games or sitting in his garage watching thunderstorms.